3 ways how to offer lymph drainage

3 ways how to offer lymph drainage

The lymphatic drainage devices, based on our experience, belong among the most used and appreciated procedures in wellness-fitness centers and salons focusing their services on body care, losing weight, cellulites removal or detoxification of the organism. The trend is becoming more and more apparent. Lymphatic massages bring a lot of positive results appealing to clients within any age and interest category. It definitely depends on the quality of the device which is being used (more info here).

The clients can experience the quality and efficiency of the device after several applications. The original purpose of these devices, i.e. to heal swollen legs and lymphatic glands, has spread into other various fields. The main principle remains encouragement and harmonization of the lymphatic system, which, if properly functional, regenerates the skin and muscles, supports the immunity system and heals the whole body in general. A potential client can, therefore, be anyone who at least cares about minimum prevention and health care. The effects of this therapy arrive especially during complex (complex decongestive therapy) application in combination with the adjustment of other activities related to our health. These are especially: balanced diet, physical activity and stress reduction. It is necessary to point out that a responsible therapist should care with high interest about the health of their clients so the lymphatic glands relaxation should become the essential part of your services.

Three areas of the lymphatic drainage positive influence

1. Losing weight and removing cellulites

Ballancer 505 - procedureMore and more female clients find cellulites as the issue No. 1. Unfortunately, it still represents a widespread problem even for young and thin women. The solution to cellulites is closely related to the support of the lymphatic system activity. Regular lymphatic drainage encourages the fats (triglycerides) from the fat cells to disperse and transports them into large veins closer to the heart and thus reduces the most problematic fat layers.

What the lymphatic drainage can do:

  • Moderates the symptoms of cellulites
  • Reduces the capacity of massaged areas
  • Enables higher skin elasticity
  • Regular application reduces weight
  • Stimulates the collagen strings in the lower skin layers
  • Increases the effects of cryolipolysis, lipolaser, etc.


2. Muscle regeneration after exertion and muscle injury prevention

ballancer_tomas_vlasakAccording to our opinion, the sport training used to be based on intensive exertion on one side and balanced diet on the other. Nowadays, these two areas are completed by regeneration as an inseparable part of the training, because only a regenerated muscle can function properly. The lymphatic drainage is recommended by experts for its regeneration and prevention of muscle injuries. With the help of this massage, the convalescence time can be shortened, if the massage is applied properly, so that the sportsman/woman can return to their sport activities fully in shorter time. Professional sportsmen are exposed to various portions of physical demand within the periods of different lengths. It is necessary to avoid physical exertion in those muscle parts that have not been fully regenerated, while the most important invariable is time. Firstly, it is important to normalize the metabolite level in muscles and thus reduce the number of damaged muscle cells. The advantage of the mechanic massage is the possibility of standardization of the healing processes, i.e. setting the length and intensity of the procedure.  The machine can be adjusted into the particular massage mode which is required by the doctor´s prescription. The procedure can be repeated exactly in the same way according to a precisely defined long-term timetable. Its regular practice has positive results. Another important aspect is prevention and regeneration and a holistic approach to your body health. Simply put, it is necessary to keep fit the whole body as well as particular muscle areas. It is not desirable to focus only on the problematic parts but to approach the problem from a wider perspective. For example, the convalescence process logically involves the whole leg, not only the injured muscle. The pressure therapy enables a complex, standardized, professional and safe care, whose effects can be visible especially after having been combined with classical procedures (stretching, building, hand massage, sauna, etc.)

3. Detoxification support of immunity system and relaxation

The lymphatic drainage is suitable for those, who seek both relaxation and contribution to their physical health. The massage represents an efficient prevention against various diseases. Thy lymphatic drainage is sufficient for people whose work activities concern long term standing or sitting causing the flaws in the function of the lymphatic system. The mechanic lymphatic drainage represents an efficient massage method for improving the proper lymph circulation, encourages detoxification and helps to keep the immunity system in balance. Last but not least, this procedure provides major relaxation effects. The side effect of regular massage wave is the release of muscle tension, which is similar to autogenic therapy. The effect is delivered at the very first procedure. Today, every kind of activity removing stress and long-term tension represents a great contribution for the client.

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