Be careful when seeing „Rolletic – Infra“

Be careful when seeing „Rolletic – Infra“

Dear customers, partners and Rolletic Original users. Please pay attention to this announcement.


More and more often we are facing a misleading term of „Rolletic – Infra“. Please be aware that this is only a misleading name and misleading act of our competitors. Rolletic Original has never been made and will never be made with infrared lighting! This feature is usually used by other producers to cover the low effects of their roller massage. Rolletic Original has never had problems with low effects of its rollers, due to their unique design and shape developed by supreme Czech physiotherapists and massage professionals and due to the top quality material used for production. The top effects of Rolletic Original massage was proved by Clinical study conducted by Faculty Hospital of Plzen (CZ) and by hunderds of thousands users all around the world.

More information about Rolletic Original and its unique features please find here. Pay also attention to the listed features that differnciate Rolletic Original from its copies.

Rolletic – there is only one Original!


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What is Rolletic Original?

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