Correct pressure of mechanical lymphatic drainage and frequency of repetition

Correct pressure of mechanical lymphatic drainage and frequency of repetition

Many beauty salons and wellness centers are increasingly using various lymphatic drainage systems and devices. The popularity of these procedures grows well and customers (especially female) are interested in lymphatic drainage. Without a functioning lymphatic system you can’t effectively lose weight and fight against cellulite. Previously customers could only use manual lymphatic drainage, which is obviously very effective. However, the terms of conditions is a professional feat. The problem is a lack to find really experienced lymph therapist and also the high cost of these procedures.

Instrumental lymphatic drainage is a suitable supplement of manual lymphatic drainage, or it is a very effective procedure on itself, but it is necessary to use high-quality instruments from proven manufacturers, always follow the principles of safe lymphatic drainage, particularly to release the lymph nodes before the massage and stick to drinking regime. The most important factor of the correct executed lymphatic drainage is also to set the right pressure value. Devices usually have an adjustable pressure range from 20 to 80 mmHg (millimeters of mercury column). How do we verify with our customers about the proper amount of pressure instrumentation lymphatic do not have enough knowledge of their operators. In our opinion and experience of leading lymphologist is entirely appropriate and sufficient pressure instrumentation lymphatic drainage 40 mmHg, it can be as appropriate to identify the range of 30-50 mmHg.

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The most common mistake is setting too high a pressure, ie between 60 and 80 mmHg. The point is that even manual lymphatic drainage works with lower pressure on the skin than conventional restorative and revitalizing massage. The aim of lympho therapist is a thin subcutaneous layer, where lymphatic circulation prevails. It is reported that 80% of the lymphatic system is to a depth of one centimeter below the skin. If massager pushed more, or if the device is set to greater pressure, the effect of this procedure is transferred to the greater depth and thus misses purpose. At that moment activates not the lymphatic system, but rather is called. Deep venous massage effect is then focused more on blood circulation and muscle massage. If a customer requires a higher pressure and imagines that drainage will be more efficient, achieves the exact opposite and dramatically reduce the impact of this procedure on the lymphatic system. Although so customers do not perceive pressure 40 mmHg is fully sufficient and correct. In exceptional cases physician in obese patients with a thicker fat added after some time a higher pressure, however, these procedures relate more lymphedema treatment and should be carried out professionally doctor! In terms of prevention, restoration of the lymphatic system, promote weight loss and skin regeneration is pressure about 40 mmHg quite sufficient.

Repetition rate

Lymphatic drainage have long-term results, when used correctly, if the procedure is repeated regularly for some time. Minimum is five, better is ten lymphatic drainages within a few weeks. One massage can bring short-term effect of drainage, but can’t pass for weight loss, aim, of course, long-term results. Between lymphodrainage should also be a difference of at least 48 hours, so long as it persists after the activation of the lymphatic drainage. That’s how the customers lose their weight the most. Basically at night after this procedure because the body is at rest and activated lymphatic system can work fully. Optimal twice a year to complete ten professionally conducted and lymphatic drainage between, for example. Once a month, one to two so-called. Maintenance. The ideal, of course, have their own quality lymph device at home and attend regular treatments. If you have an acute swelling is suitable to the medullary still need twice a day until it is completely removed. Practical experience, however, says that the most effective is prevention, therefore regular preventive lymphatic drainage.lymph jacket Ballancer

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