Wellness as business

shakehands(1)Many of our customers have wellness as business. They own a massage salon, gym, wellness center or maybe a hotel that includes wellness center. In such cases they are dependent on the income that comes from running such business. Therefore they are dependent on the devices that are used in the business which creates the highest expectations from them. No one wants a device that will get broken so you would have to refuse your clients or customers. And that is why our devices are absolute top quality products, because we are fully aware that they should not get broken when used. They must work!

Returning customers – that´s what we need

nesprávněCustomers are crucial for every business no matter what you sell. And the best customers are those who are constantly coming back to you and who are loyal to your service offered. Therefore we need to give them a reason to come back. In wellness center the reason to come back might be that fact, that I received what I wanted to receive. A quality service and the best possible effect on our body. So we need to make sure that devices that we use and service that we offer will bring the effects to the clients. Rolletic Original, Ballancer, Lympha Press…all these products have a long history on the market and went through a day-to-day testing in many countries of the world. So please ask someone. Get references. Get experience from the ones who are already using these machines. And what you will probably find out as a reaction?

  • 100% quality – we are a manufacturer so we can take a good care about the quality
  • No technical problems – we keep our failure rate under 2%
  • Long durability – our devices will work in your business for many years
  • Easy to use – it is quite easy to use them and to achieve the effects
  • Best effects – we have been on the market for more than 15 years and have already thousands of satisfied uses, which speaks for itself


Take a look on some of the references here.

Professional business require professional tools

Top kvalita již od 1997Another important rule in this field is “Professional business requires professional tools”. It is quite obvious. If we want to provide quality service for a long period of time (to build a solid group of loyal clients) we need to have quality tools. An equipment that we can rely on. An equipment that will have a minimum failure rate. An equipment from someone who knows what to do and who will help me and assist me in any case of problem. BS Systems is a professional manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art products for the businesses. We put the most emphasis on the fact that our devices are the motor of your business. Therefore they have the minimum failure rate and if there is any problem what so ever, we solve it immediately. That is why we can afford to sell our machines all around the world, including destinations like USA, Russia or Australia. We have been in the business for more than 15 years!


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