New distributors

Distributor – business partner

What we offer:

The fundamental  support for a business partner (distributor) includes

  • For marketing ; the first Rolletic Original – discount 50% of a catalogue price of your choice.
  • Operating manual with a detailed description of all the activities necessary
    to ensure successful operation.
  • Initial and ongoing training.
  • Marketing support;  Branding, audio and video (Rolletic) for preparation in the selected country (photo without the watermark, etc..).
  • Distributor pricing adjusted accordingly to reflect  the number of pieces bought and other financial benefits for  long term  business partners (free shipping etc..).

Our requirements:


  • Visit our production premises  and submit a basic outline of your intended collaboration.
  • Have experience   distribution and the  ability to provide basic service.
  • Capital funding in the amount  or higher according to the needs of the initial investment including reserves in the opening months for promotion and also to create a basic website in that language.
  • Personal commitment and  a desire to do business in the fields of beauty, wellness and sport.



Call us now +420 371 141 386 or contact us using the following form, we’ll get back to you ASAP.




What is Rolletic Original?

Lymph drainage Ballancer

BS Systems s.r.o.

Republikanska 1102/45, 312 00 Plzen
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 371 141 386
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