Rolletic Original – News in 2011

Rolletic Original – News in 2011

Rolletic Original – our massage machine enters its new model year with a new logo that will help to differentiate Rolletic from competitors and pirate copies.


The base stone of our product line – the well known and more and more popular massage machine Rolletic Original enters its new model year of 2011 with several improvements and mainly with a new logo that should help to differentiate Rolletic Original from competitors´ machines and pirate copies.

Rolletic Original logo






Those mentioned improvements include new applied developments in the production of massage rollers. Our rollers are still made out of the top quality beech wood and now they all go through a special process of devitalization in a high frequency dryer. This leads to an absolute stability and constancy of the wood and to it´s very long life. And because the massage rollers are alpha and omega of Rolletics´effects we put a lot of emphasis in their production. Rolletic Original therefore becomes the only roller massage machine where you can be 100% sure, that your massage rollers will look and work the same for many years of everyday use.

Rolletic Original  Rolletic Original rollers








During 2011 we plan to launch other innovations, this time in the area of comfort of usage and also manipulation of the machine.


Rolletic Original – „Rolletic that gave Rolletics their name“

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