How much space is required for a massage machine

How much space is required for a massage machine

While furnishing a beauty salon, massage salon, fitness center, or wellness zone, it is crucial to ask oneself questions concerning the space availability for the intended procedures. Will all the equipment fit within the particular room? Will the customers be provided with enough space which is necessary for efficient exercising? We enlist our gym equipment with respect to its dimensions and the requirements for its flawless use. Generally speaking, a great number of procedures available at one spot may discourage customers, or evoke a feeling of anxiety and/or lack of privacy. On the other hand, wasting space (e.g. a single procedure for one room), may not come out fruitful for your business.

foto_studiobelladonnaDoes the golden compromise ever exist, then? It is necessary to approach things individually. The more comfortable studio you are going to run, the higher requirements furniture wise you are going to deal with. And vice versa, a small fit-center intended as an additional guest service in a small hotel can be equipped a little more. Also, the types of procedures may differ. They can include a few Rolletics or treadmills next to each other while the female visitors will definitely enjoy exercising and chatting at the same time. In contrast, the lymphatic drainage procedure calls for much more privacy so it is desirable to provide the lymphatic drainage Ballancer with a curtain or a screen. The Steam Box even requires a separate room with a shower, etc. By all means, we recommend that you think about the procedures scheme within your premises thoroughly and in advance. It is advantageous to consult a specialist on these matters, before you start pumping your money into the equipment.

Dimensions and recommended space requirements of our selected procedures:

Rolletic Original:

Height: 72 cm
Width: 73 cm
Length: 93 cm
Weight: 85 kg + 7 kg stool + 2 kg kneeling stool
Input: 370 W

Minimum recommended space: 200 x 100 cm

Pohoda – herbal steam bath:

Height: 118 cm
Width: 85 cm
Width with raised lid: 130 cm (+ open door 160 cm, i.e. room width minimum 2 m)
Length: 183 cm (+45 cm foldaway head)
Weight: 135 kg
Input: 700 W

Minimum recommended space: 250 x 200 cm

Lymphatic drainage Ballancer (lymphatic drainage pants):

Length:  40 cm
Width:  38 cm
Height:  19 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Input: 170

Additionally used with a small table, sufficient 50 x 50 cm

Massage Bed (standard dimensions):
Length:  185 cm
Width:  70 cm
Height:  56-86 cm
Weight: approx. 15 kg (depending on type)

Minimum recommended space for the lymphatic drainage procedure: 200 x 150 cm

Procedures for gyms and fitness centers from

Stairway – upstairs walking simulator

Length:  135 cm
Width:  76 cm
Height:  189 cm
Weight: 137 kg

Minimum recommended space: 150 x 100 cm
Minimum ceiling height: 250 cm

Jacobs Ladder – endless ladder

Length:  193 cm
Width:  79 cm
Height:  166 cm
Weight: 118 kg

Minimum recommended space: 200 x 100 cm
Minimum ceiling height: 250 cm


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