Herbal steam bath POHODA – 5 ways of use

Herbal steam bath POHODA – 5 ways of use

The Herb steam box represents an effective and easily controllable steam bath. The inside temperature ranges up to 40°C with highest possible moisture level. The body is being steamed with fragrant steam, but your head is outside the box, so you can breathe the fresh air. This procedure, so called Ushmashveda, is one of the Indian ajurvedan health procedures. It can be offered to the clients in 5 different ways.


1. Steam

The steam box is sufficient as a classical steam procedure with the advantage of the head not exposed to the steam so that the client can breathe the fresh air. Many people dislike inhaling the hot air or steam that is why a classical steam bath or sauna is improper for them. An alternative solution can be a towel put over a client´s head breathing the steam only for a short period of time. This procedure may seem interesting for the female clients who do not wish to have their make-up or hair-dress spoilt. Pohoda can be used in situations when offering a classical sauna to a single client appears to be uneconomical. The steam box can be set in operation within ten minutes at only 700 W power consumption.


2. Preparation for massage

A thorough massage is very difficult, especially the initial phase involving all muscles’ warm up. If the client´s body is warmed up, the massage time can be shortened and it can facilitate the masseur’s work. Another advantage is that one client can be taking a massage while the second is taking the steam bath as a part of the massage preparation.


3. Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a traditional healing system depending on natural and holistic approach to human health. This concrete procedure, so called Ushmashveda is several thousand years old. Its main principle dwells in the fact that the whole body is exposed to steam except for the head, so that you can breathe the fresh air, thus the lungs remain free of the steam. An important aspect is the use of fragrant herbs (dried or raw), essences, and mineral salts prepared according the traditional techniques.


4. Detoxification, recovery, spa relaxation, skin care

Nowadays, many people face stress and excessive strain of the whole organism as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. The steam box provides deep muscle relaxation, riddance of physical and emotional strain and it also has detoxification and relaxation effects.  It has a deep and positive impact on the skin quality, because it widens the pores removing the squalor. All these effects represent the complex health approach as a part of the holistic medicine, which fits the contemporary concept of human healthcare. If you have been suffering from long term health problems without finding successfully the concrete cause, it is possible to apply the approach which sets your body and soul into equilibrium. The immunity system is provided the opportunity of a long term remedy in areas where it is called for.


5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses traditionally various fragrant essences as a means of stimulating the mental and physical condition. These substances can be absorbed in two ways: through inhalation through upper air passages, or through the whole body complexion. The advantage of the steam box is the possibility to change the aroma according to its desired effect and purpose. The examples of herb blends are to be found below.


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Steam bath Pohoda - closed


Pohoda steam bath – use of herbs

(examples collected by our best customer and Pohoda user – Mrs.Suchomanova)

ANTISTRESS – chamomile, lavender, pepper mint, maral root, parcha
General relaxation, reduces the stress hormones level, refreshes the body and soul balance, and removes fatigue, stress and depression.

MAGIC POWER – basal, common balm, lavender, rosemary
General organism refreshment, endocrine system simulation, release of vital energy, opens and revitalizes the respiratory organs, cavities, bronchial tubes and lungs increasing the feeling of health and balance.

DREAM – thyme, lemon, woodruff, common balm
Evokes the feeling of inner peace, helps to reduce weight, regulates metabolism, and prevents from muscle pain.

SWEET NIGHT – oregano, chamomile, lavender
Evokes the feeling of peace and balance or organism, releases the muscles and enables peaceful sleep.

ORIENTAL – rose, jasmine, basal, cardamom
Harmonizes the body and soul, stimulates the senses, and evokes the feeling of health and relaxation, mild aphrodisiac.

CLEAN SKIN – marigold, fennel, linden, hops pericarp, curacaos
Cleanses the skin, supports emergence of new cells, increases flexibility and tissue tonus level, remedies skin structure, helps to care of health and beauty, rejuvenate overall appearance.

FREE BREATH – basal, eucalyptus, hyssop, pine outgrowths.
The herbs are active especially against respiratory illnesses.

FIT STYLE  – fennel, lavender, lemon core, lemon grass, sandal, anise, common balm
This herb blend is aimed at weight reduction, removal of fat cells, and detoxification of organism. Supports weight loss.



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